Design Directions | Absence & Presence

CLASSIQUE Oval Dining Table  STANLEY Dining Chairs  FELIX Arc Sofa  NIXON Barstool  RIDGE Bowls  TEPIH Neptune Rug (1)-507

Solace is savoured in moments of grandeur, as sculptural forms are balanced with grace.

A sense of presence is met in etch detailing and carved channelling whilst sculptural shaping and exaggerated curves imbue stillness.

The smooth materiality of classic marble sits beside monolithic forms, cut pile rugs and textural weaves.

Moody grey hues, bluestone and gunmetal mix with dark oaks and snow boucle to soothe the senses.

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Smith Barstool
Stanley Arm Chair
Benjamin Ripple Grand Desk
Ossa Luna Dining Table
Atlas Etch Square Side Table
Felix Arc Sofa