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To help prevent damage, monthly cleaning and maintenance of your outdoor furniture is recommended.

Mildew/mould is a plant that grows best in hot, humid summer weather. It flourishes in damp, warm environments that are poorly lighted or where air does not circulate well. Along with discolouring fabrics, mildew gives off a musty odour, and if it isn't treated it can discolour fabric and may even cause them to rot.

Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done from a manufacturing point of view to stop this from occurring – mould and mildew is a result of the conditions/elements the pieces of furniture are exposed to. If timber is not given an option to breathe and dry out, mould and mildew may form.

General Care

  • Our outdoor timber products are unsealed
  • Outdoor wood furniture should be cleaned a couple times a year, especially at the beginning and end of the warm season when it gets the most use. Follow these guidelines to remove mould and mildew from outdoor wooden furniture.
  • There are several tried and tested ways to get rid of mould but the best thing to do is to prevent mould from growing on your furniture. Mould prevention is not an infallible effort since mould spores are part of our everyday lives, it’s in the air we breathe, however the right steps taken before there is an issue can aid prevention.
  • A cost effective and natural remedy that’s lethal to several mould species is white vinegar. Simply pour undiluted white vinegar in a spray bottle and spray it on the areas of your garden furniture that are prone to mould.

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