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Show homes and Soren Liv Furniture Displays

Have a look at this selection of awesome show homes in Auckland, Long Bay, Christchurch, Tauranga, Havelock North etc. Soren Liv have provided the furniture and where required the Interior Design, furnishings, accessories and expertise to create beautiful interiors. As a builder you can buy, lease to own or have an operating lease, whichever suits your business requirements.

From plan...

Lets start with the plan. Once you have the details finalised and through council, we can have a look at a design scheme based on the floor pan of your show home. colours and flooring

With an Interior Designer, you can now finalise the flooring, carpet, tiles, timber floor and wall colours.
This sets the tone for the next stage... choose your Show Home look..

Soren Liv can create a wide variety of concepts from their wide collection of furniture and furnishings.
Choose from minimalist, classic, art deco, Scandinavian...

...Delivering a total Show Home package...

A complete plan is created room by room and presented along with matching furnishings and accessories. It shows where everything goes and what it will look like. Often an Interior designer will be involved in the final set up of the home.
...the complete show home...All furniture, rugs, cushions and accessories can be delivered and set-up just prior to the opening of your show home. This removes the hassle and creates a professional, stunning interior.

Soren Liv - Every Room is a Stage.

Delivery and Availability

This Soren Liv website is now set up to show stock availability. All items with "NZ stock" can be dispatched within 10 days. All items showing Australian Stock" can be dispatched within 4 - 6 weeks. Where it shows "Check availability" please phone for delivery confirmation.


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