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Home Projects Generation Homes Waikato

Generation Homes Waikato

Dream show home in Waikato area. Allure Interiors worked closely with Soren Liv to create this amazing home.

Generation Homes Waikato
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Allure Interiors

'Soren Liv offer an excellent service which adds value to any project large or small- the knowledge and skill set is outstanding. They listen to your requirements and budget and work effortlessly to assist you to create your desired look for your project.

I have worked alongside Maria on many projects and it an absolute pleasure to associate my business alongside with Soren Liv.

The style and elegance is flawless and flow which is so important. The furnishings are just beautiful and this sets of the palette that I have created - fantastic service, so well organised and makes install day a pleasure!!’

Ange Wynne - Allure Interiors.

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